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Yoga and Pilates Retreat in Ibiza

This is a very special retreat on the mystical island of ibiza. Ibiza is said to be the third most magnetic point in the world (after the north and south pole),  and therefore is a very sacred island where strong healing energies take place. 

Our focus during this retreat is mindfully strengthening the body with Yoga and Pilates, and creating a deep inner connection with daily meditation practice .

We have a private chef offering delicious organic macrobiotic vegetarian dishes threw out the whole week with Vegan options as well as organic cold pressed juices and smoothies. Healthy organic snacks will be available during the day. Healthy nutrition plays an important part to your detoxifying process during your wellness retreat. We have a lovely team of professionals to help and guide you during your journey with us. Your wellbeing and comfort is our main focus.


Saturday: Airport pick up , settling into your room, welcome Dinner.

Sunday until Friday:

7.30-8.00 meditation - Pranayama Breath

8.00-8.30 organic cold pressed Juice- Tea

8.30-10.00 Yoga Practice

10.00-11.00 Breakfast and smoothies

11.00-13.00 Treatments, Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage, shamanic healing

13.00 Lunch 

17.30-18.30 Pilates

19.00 Dinner

20.00-21.00 Relaxing Sound bath and Crystal meditation or chanting

23.00 Lights out

Saturday: Morning meditation,yoga practice, breakfast and Check out, Airport drop off

Schedule may vary slightly according to the day.

Fun activities are available to organize in your free time such as  horse riding, rock climbing, cycling, canoeing, scuba diving or just going to lay and rest at the beach. We are collaborating with a great company that organizes all these fun activities! 

What's included in your package: 

-Daily Meditation

-Daily yoga practice

-Daily Pilates class

- Daily sound bath and crystal healing Meditation in the evenings

- 1 complementary Massage

-Organic vegetarian/macrobiotic chef to cook meals 3 times per day plus juices, smoothies and snacks.

-Pick up and Drop off at the airport

* On your last night with us, we can organize a dinner at a delicious local restaurant (at your own cost)

Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or requests at  contact@ibiza-feel.com

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Ibiza holiday 2016 summer